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Welcome to the Horace Luong Photography gallery! I'm a self-taught amateur photographer. The continual learning and personal growth from dabbling in the art is what I enjoy about photography. Below is a collection of my favorite pictures taken in recent years. To contact me, please email: wpgballroom@gmail.com



Nanjing, China   Wudangshan, China   Forbidden Palace, Beijing, China   Temple of Heaven, Beijing
Hangzhou, China   Fenghuang Town, China   Fenghuang Town, China   Huangshan, China
Tianshan, Zhangjiajie, China   Lantau Island, Hong Kong   Chinese Tourists   Shanghai National Museum
Zhangjiajie, China   Zhangjiajie, China   Tunxi, China   Zhangjiajie, China
Zhangjiajie, China   Hong Kong 2016   Hong Kong 2016