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Welcome to the Horace Luong Photography gallery! I'm a self-taught amateur photographer. The continual learning and personal growth from dabbling in the art is what I enjoy about photography. Below is a collection of my favorite pictures taken in recent years. To contact me, please email: wpgballroom@gmail.com



Aruba   St.Kitts   Barbados
Mocking Bird, Bonaire   Flamingo, Bonaire   Cactus Fence, Bonaire
Basse Terre, St.Kitts   Pitons, St.Lucia   Honolulu, Hawaii
Sunset over Caribbean Seas   Iguana, Bonaire   Fort-du-France, Martinique
Island off of Dominican Republic   Barbados   Bats in Belieze
Fort-du-France, Martinique   Barbados   Xunantunich, Belize
Xunantuich, Belize   Coba, Mexico